The History of Frenchay Hospital


The printed version of this book came out in 1994. All copies of this print run have been sold and it thus seemed proper to replicate the History on-line so that it can be available to all interested parties. What follows is that printed version, with various on-line updates included as blue text within square brackets in the original text.
James Briggs. June 2003. Latest on-line update January 2020 in the Very Early Days pages.

A printable version of the text can be downloaded from the Booklets link below: An elegant professionally produced copy can be obtained from the Frenchay Village Museum - link given below.

As you will read, during WW2 the hospital was used by the US military. Dr Harry Towsley was stationed there. He came from the University of Michigan and was a great Historian. His Archives are stored in the Bentley Museum at the University. For a  link to the on-line version, click here.

The Frenchay Village Museum has created a family History archive, with a section about the hospital. This includes a roster of 900 patients admitted between 17 Nov 1942 and 15 Dec 1944, along with many photographs. See Archive

In November 2008 an updated edition of the book was published by the Frenchay Village Museum. Two further reprints, with updates were published by the Museum. Copies are available from them at 7.50 ea +1.00 p&p. Click on cover picture for a larger version.

1994 edition

2008 edition



James C Briggs

First published in 1994
Monica Britton Hall of Medical History, Frenchay Hospital
in association with the Postgraduate Medical Centre,
Frenchay Hospital

James C Briggs

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the publishers.


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This book is dedicated to Vera Wilson, one-time Matron of the hospital, and to John Sage, one-time Deputy Group Secretary and latterly Group Secretary.

Original Cover Photo

Children on seesaw.

Nurses & child patients in the mid 1940s

[Dennis Bodenham told me that the see-saw was built some time after the plastic surgeons moved into the 1931 wards in late 1949. The picture must therefore have been taken in the 1950s and not, as indicated, in the 1940s.]


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