Assorted photos from various sources and years

Royal opening 1905

Early Sporting Photos

East Ham Secondary School Cadets: Officers. WW1

1931 certificate granted to Jimmy Lambert for passing 'The Scholarship' to EHGS

1934. OE's 11th Annual Dinner

1930s Central Park & EHGS

1936 Scholarship successes at Central Park School

Joe Whiteley at play

School play 1944 or 45

Rugby 1945-46

Prefects 1946

Rugby 1946-47

OE's Reunion 1947

Prefects 1947

Prefects 1949

Science 6th (ii) form 1949

School Photos

School panorama September 1947
School panorama October 1950
School panorama 1955
School panorama May 1959
School panorama May 1963
School panorama September 1970

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See notes below about Panoramas

Athletics 1948

Athletics 1949

Athletics 1950

Gainsboro' prefect's cap (circa 1950) & Purcell School badge

The Gymnasium from the Biology Lab, circa 1950

The Barking Road from the Biology Lab, circa 1950

Prefects 1950

The Greek Set, circa 1950

Rugby 1952-53

Greek Play 1952 & Macbeth 1953

'Sam/Bill' Amstell circa 1953

'Gabby' Heyes circa 1953

Phil Vennis circa 1954

Some members of the Upper 6th circa 1954

Play 'Le Bougoise Gentilehomme' circa 1955

OEs Rugby 1955-56

Jack Mace 1962

Faraday House Play 1964

Rugby 1964-65

Rugby 1967-68

Prefects 1968

Staff & Quiz from1968

Ken Madgett, 1987


Updated 26 Nov 2006

The frequency of school panorama photos is not clear. However, it seems that they were not taken annually after WW2, even if that had been the case before the war. During the war private photography was virtually impossible. The first post war photo seems to have been in 1947 with the next in 1950. Others were taken later in the 50s and 60s. It has also been suggested that some 'renegade' lads tried to get their picture in twice by running from one end of the assembly to the other, beating the camera scan on the way. Doubts have been cast on this story. A definitive answer to this, and remarks about the frequency, comes from Robin Sharp, School Captain/Head Boy in 1972.
In April 2002 Robin wrote:
"Oh, no - it was no old wives tale about appearing at both ends of the photo (or trying). In the 1970 version, Ian Murray was actually egged on to do so by Ernie Mott! The camera was turning, but Ian was so startled at the suggestion, having not thought about it himself, he ran from one end to the other but in front of the school, so of course he was seen and much to Joe's annoyance (and the frustration of those more subtle boys who had run round the back, because the photo had to be taken again!). So, I'm not sure that on that particular photo anyone actually managed to appear twice.
The 1970 photo was overdue. The idea had been to have a school photo every 5 years, so that most pupils would appear in at least one. The previous one had been in 1964, so the next should have been taken in 1969. However, for some reason it was forgotten (can't remember whether this was due to the fact that Joe had been off sick following his heart attack at around about that time, or it was general apathy or forgetfulness, but I believe it was Joe's impending retirement that lead to the last EHGS school photo being taken in 1970."