The History of Frenchay Hospital

Each year the Commanding Officer of the respective Units was required to submit a report to Washington. Full copies of these are in the US National Archive in Atlanta. Vera Wilson, Matron in the 1960s-1980s, obtained copies of extracts of these for research prior to publication, in 1981, of her booklet about the Hospital. These copies were, in turn, partial copies of microfiche documents held in Atlanta; the quality is not good, certainly not good enough for Optical Character Recognition, and were not in page order - for instance page 2 was on the back of page 21! Thus, I've scanned some selected pages as images and, hopefully, they are in reasonable order.

Details of the 100th US hospital came from Elmer Miller, a veteran of the 100th, who personally published a history of the Unit  in 2001.

The files are large, but legible. It's intriguing to see the date format - European style dd/mm/yy, instead of the usual US mm/dd/yy which, personally, I find very confusing. This date style seems to have been the US military format during WW2.

James Briggs
Summer 2005

1. 298th General Hospital 1942.

Outer cover. Pages 1 & 2 of historical section.  Report cover. Contents. Pages 1 2 5 5a 5b 11 21 25 69 70 71 72 73 Selected pages from my source.

2. 298th General Hospital 1943.

Cover. Pages 4 15 16 67 155 180 These are all the pages that I had access to.

3. 100th General Hospital 1944.

Historical overviews 1 2 Pages 1 2 3 Selected pages from my source.

4. 117th General Hospital 1944.

Cover. Pages 6 7 8 These are all the pages that I had access to.

5. 52nd General Hospital 1945.

Cover. Pages 2 3. Second quarter 1945 Post VE day pages 1 2 3 These, too, are all the pages that I had access to.

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