JCB in 1950 & 2003
1950 & 2003

                                   D.Path 1963
                                   M.R.C.Path 1965
                                   F.R.C.Path 1977

STATUS: Consultant Histopathologist, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol. (24/01/1966 - 28/05/1993)
                Clinical Teacher in Pathology, Univ.of Bristol. (1975-1993)
                Medical Referee (Crematoria), City of Bristol: 1984-2007

PUBLICATIONS etc: See below

TEACHING: Regular multi-weekly tutorials to Undergraduates in Winter term time. Regular Postgraduate tutorials in Bristol. Occasional, but regular lectures at Bristol Polytechnic.
Other lectures, often by invitation, usually in other parts of the Country: see later.

SOCIETIES: Association of Clinical Pathologists
                      British Division, International Academy of Pathology.
                      UK Melanoma Study Group
                      UK Melanoma Histology Group (founded by me)
                      Bristol Med-Chi Society
                      Cossham Medical Society

Medical rep. on Hospital Estates Committee 1967-1974
Medical rep. on Hospital Planning Committee 1967-1974
Medical rep. on Clinical Area Planning Committee 1968-1971
Chairman, Division of Pathology 1971-1974
Member of Hospital Medical Steering Committee 1971-1974
Member of Hospital Management Committee 1973-1974
Member of Frenchay Hospital Planning Committee 1973-1974
Member of Frenchay Hospital Sector Management Team 1978-1981
Chairman of Frenchay Hospital Sector Management Team 1981-1983
Consultant representative on District Medical Ctte. 1983-1985
Vice Chairman, Division of Pathology 1985-86; 1989-90
Chairman, Division of Pathology 1986-89
Head, Dept of Histopathology (rotating) 1986-89
Medical Audit Co-ordinator, Dept of Pathology 1990

Hospital rep on South West Regional Committee for Hospital Medical Services (SWRCHMS) 1969-1972
Hon Sec S.W.Region Whole time Consultants Assocn. 1969-1972
Hon Treasurer S.W.Hospital Medical Staffs Trust 1970-1975
Deputy Regional rep on CCHMS 1970-1975
Member of Bristol Division BMA Executive Committee 1971-1975
Member of Management Committee of Doctors and Overpopulation Group 1972-85
Editor of Newsletter of Doctors & Overpopulation Group 1972-1984
S.W.Regional rep on Council of the Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association (HCSA) 1972-1984
Member of Regional Medical Recruitment Committee 1972-1973
Hon Sec SWRCHMS 1972-1975
Vice Chairman SWRCHMS 1973-1975
Joint National Secretary and Member of Executive HCSA 1974-1980
Member of Editorial Board of the "Consultant" 1979-1992
Chairman of the Executive and Deputy President HCSA 1980-1984
Vice President HCSA 1984-1994
Founder/Co-ordinator UK Melanoma Histology Club 1981-1991
Medical Advisor, Skin Cancer Research Fund (SCaRF) 1981-1994
Member SW Regional MLSO Advisory Committee 1980-1988
Member of MRC ad hoc Melanoma advisory Committee 1982,1983
Member of Regional Laboratory Medicine Committee 1984-1987
Secretary UK Melanoma Study Group 1986-1990
Member of Cancer Research Campaign ad hoc Committee on "Public Education in Melanoma" 1986-88
Organiser of & Lecturer in ACP National Melanoma Symposium 1986
President, Cossham Medical Society 1991-92
Trustee SCaRF 1994-present
Fellow HCSA 1994-present

OTHER DETAILS: Referee for papers submitted to "Histopathology", "British Journal of Dermatology" and "British Journal of Cancer".
Occasional book reviews.
I also regularly received referral melanoma cases for my opinion -about six per month - from many parts of the UK and also from abroad from time to time.

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Publications about model aircraft in:
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This was established in the Spring of 2000. It contains an updated version of the "Bedtime Browser", an updated version of "The Search for Lt Col FW Bell VC" and outline descriptions of the Histories of the land associated with 194 Stoke Lane and the University of Bristol Sports Field - full texts of both having been lodged with the Bristol Records Office. By 2003 the Bedtime Browser was attracting 700-800 visitors per week. In July 2004 the 100,000th visit was passed. The site became more well known; in 2006 visits reached a peak of 1500-1800 per week. By 2010 there had more than 325,000 visits..