Music for the School Song

As supplied, from memory in December 2000, by Reg Elson, 1942-49, who played the song on the organ at many School concerts. Reg went into medicine and became a consultant orthopaedic surgeon in Sheffield.

Note by Jim Briggs
My classmates from 1944-51 had our first ever reunion in 2001; Reg played and we all sang the Song in the Chapel of St Peter's College Oxford. Prior to that it had been performed by a choir in NZ. I was requested to find a copy of the music, which is why I approached Reg. Now it's here for all to see.

David Wood, who left in 1974, gave the following memory in April 2002
Dear James,
Just glancing through your site, I noticed the section on the School Song. I remember well Philip Elgie accompanying rousing choruses on Speech Days and End of Year Assemblies.
Once Joe Whiteley retired however, Sam Amstell let things slip musically at the school altogether - he really was only interested in science, and the School Song, along with many other traditions, just vanished.
However, in July 1972 on the final day of The School, we had an assembly - to not only wind up the school year, but to say 'goodbye' to EHGS.
Sam wasn't really bothered what we sang, but Paul Beech, realising the history of the occasion, asked me if I was able to play the School Song. No music was to be found, but I remembered well how Philip played it and was able to bring off a pretty fair copy!
Therefore I am very proud to say that I was the last person to accompany the singing of our Song and will remember forever my spine tingling, as we bade farewell to what was a significant part of East Ham history.