FLASH-BACKS - 1919-1923

The first day Form II - a caricature of Old Bill on the blackboard - the knowing ones said it was our Form Master - Old Bill (Mr. Barton) appeared!

The introduction to chess - Friday evenings immediately after School - the instructor, "Dickie" Barker, Headmaster!

Two football pitches at Manor Way - the dressing-room, open two and a half sides to the public gaze - the public being a herd of cows, who had to had moved on before play commenced - the size of the dressing accommodation approximately 6 ft. by 6 ft. but the first occupant, a lime lining machine, took pride of place. Luxury after two years - the installation of an old railway coach and a bucket of cold water!

The hot buns and doughnuts at the "Tuck Shop" opposite - I think with amazement what some of us were capable of in those days.

The girls in the same School but "miles part" - even on the tram to and from School!

The School play at the annual prize giving - "Lady Macbeth" played by none other than Eileen (Greer) Garson.

The School sports and the mighty efforts of Arthur Gray and "Bill" Wright.

The Oxford Senior Exams and the interest of one particular lady - Miss James - I think her name was - who in my year supplied a large dish of shrimps for tea when one of the papers ran till about 6 p.m. and a break occurred about 4 p.m. What we did with those shrimps was nobody's business, but I often wonder what happened to certain subsequent experiments when a certain large jar of sulphuric acid was used!