By S. L. GREEN, Senior Lecturer in Applied Mathematics, Queen Mary College, London

IN 1907 I entered the School as an Essex Minor Scholar with 10 a year. As the fees were only three guineas per annum I was relatively rich.

On my first morning one of the high-ups (in Form IV, I think) catechised me in the playground. Having discovered that I (or my parents) had chosen the School from a long list of County Schools, he rather damped my enthusiasm by asking why I hadn't gone somewhere else!

We had a grand time in spite of very limited amenities, such as cricket on the narrow strip of land at Beckton bounded on one side by the railway and on the other by a deep ditch.

Mr. Barker and his Staff worked pretty hard and perhaps everybody thought rather too much about the Oxford Locals, but all the same we had plenty of fun.

I look back with gratitude to the old School and wish all who are associated with it many happy years.